We really care about your career and we want to help you.

We invest time and resources in order to deliver a truly value added service to our clients.

Why is it that so many search companies offer so little to the individual?

The likely reason is firstly, a resource issue, and secondly it is too difficult for the search companies to put the extra effort in. In short, they just can’t be bothered. For global search companies, they are largely retainer/client led, and if you don’t fit into their mandates, then you don’t fit into their way of thinking.

Why is Webbe so much more focused and what do we offer?


Resources - Offices in Hong Kong, Singapore. China and South Korea staffed by individuals who genuinely care about what they do. In terms of dedicated consultants on Financial Markets and Investment Banking, we are ahead of the pack in quality and resources, and more importantly in terms of our COMMITMENT to YOU.


Looking after the individual is very important to us. Like all of our competitors, we have major client relationships but do not see it as a conflict, or an inconvenience, to support individuals in their future careers and the need for informed advice.


Advice and support comes in many ways:

  • Informed advice on resume and interview skills.
  • Informed advice on targeting of new employment.
  • Ability to access key contacts and the willingness to market you effectively.

The 3 Boxes element represents the perpetually growing nature of Webbe International’s knowledge, providing an image of constant evolution to an even stronger executive search firm.